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Marrakesh is a city with amazing photography opportunities, where the oriental flavor is combine with some of the best landscapes of Morocco.
Photography can take place in both classic and stylized themes. A stylized photoshoot is a great option if you want to get an unusual shot with traditional Moroccan outfits and jewelry. If you decide to go on a honeymoon in Morocco, then this is an opportunity to make your celebration especially significant, because an exotic wedding photoshoot is amazing moments and unforgettable emotions in photographs.

These recommendations will help you prepare for a photoshoot in Marrakesh, and make the shooting comfortable and harmonious.


The choice for clothes depends on the style and locations of shooting. For example, beige, light gray, white and bright colors are suitable for the Medina of Marrakesh. White and bright colors look great in the Majorrelle garden. Beige, gray and light outfits look nice for the Agafey desert. Clothes need be prepared for shooting (clean and pressed).

For couple shooting need to pay attention to the combination of colors, your outfits need to look harmonious together.

Women need to wear more closed outfits in the Medina of Marrakesh. A deep neckline, short and transparent clothes can interfere with photoshoot. Open clothes are best to wear in more closed locations, such as the Riad or the Secret Garden. Don’t forget about removable shoes for shooting (if you will wear high heels), which should also suit your look.

For family photoshoot in Marrakesh, it is important that the clothes are combine in style and color. You can also add details that will combine with the clothes of each other. You can use toys, soap bubbles and balloons with young children in a family photoshoot. Accessories will help to create an atmosphere and a cheerful mood for shooting.

It is best to wear clothes that you love, in which you feel comfortable on the shooting.


Accessories can perfectly complement your look in a photoshoot in Marrakesh. Elements such as a hat, stylish gloves or glasses, a scarf, and jewelry, which ideal combine with your outfit.


Make-up artists often prefer oriental makeup in Morocco. It is best to discuss about details with the makeup artist in advance. If you do makeup by yourself, it is better not to apply a dense tone (tonal foundation) to the skin, it can cause discomfort in the hot time of the day (the photographer always edits skin). Manicure and pedicure need to combine with your style.

   Features of photoshoot in Marrakesh 

Medina is the oldest part of the city and a labyrinth of narrow streets with interesting colorful places for photography. The photographer takes pictures quickly in this location. She doesn`t stay in one place for a long time, but tries to cover the maximum number of different places in the Medina. The shooting will be in the streets, near the beautiful arches and Moroccan architecture, the photographer don`t shooting at the market of Marrakesh.

Gardens, villas and Riads are the next type of locations in the Red city. Those are beautiful and calm places for shooting. Shooting is possible in the Agafey desert, if you stay in one of the desert camps.

   Shooting time 

In Marrakesh, it is best to shoot early in the morning, this is the most convenient time for shooting, taking into account lighting and fullness of people. For shooting in the Agafey desert the best time is closer to sunset, about an hour before sunset.

If you doubt your outfits for a photoshoot, time of shooting and places, you can always ask the photographer for advice.

And most importantly, give smiles and be natural – and then the photos will certainly turn out to be unforgettable!